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Abn Live

Abn Live

People are becoming increasingly annoyed with advertisements on television, apps, YouTube, and videos on other platforms like Facebook. It is this reason that innovators created a way of skipping the ads on products like DVRs, The Hopper on Dish Network, and the Skip option in videos. You do not have to sit through an entire advertisement segment on TV or YouTube. 

Marketers are gaining an understanding between the fine line of attracting excellent attention and causing irritation. The increasing need to have a good attention span of viewers forged the way for live videos. The tenacity of the market works best with a streaming session that can accommodate enough content and engage the user on relevant issues. 

Platforms like Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, and Instagram are on the bandwagon of bridging the gap between businesses and consumers. Live streaming is the fastest way to gain a massive following and trigger better activity.

What are the essential live streaming features?

It is essential to understand the consumers’ needs before integrating a live streaming feature in your business.


The platform should allow the viewers to be a part of the show by watching. It can maximize the command by giving the special broadcaster permission to control the content, timing, the details of the audience, and commentary. 

Controlling the details of the audience includes maintaining exclusivity to a specific display or particular group of people. This setup ensures that other parts of the business do not experience faults of interruption.


Many people enjoy the attention from a broadcaster. The broadcaster should have a feature that allows them to identify the object of the stream, or identify the viewers by name, such as that on ABN Live. 

Importance of live streams

  • Creates relationships with the audience 

Genuine connections include memorable interactions and meaningful experiences. It is exciting when the brand can merge with the viewers by showcasing real-time events in the office. The viewers who form a connection with the brand will find it worthwhile to share information with their friends and family.

  • Reduce marketing costs

Paying for an external advertising platform is a hit or miss attempt. Live streaming is a free marketing platform that gives access to thousands of viewers. You also do not have to care much about the format of the content. The only requirements are a good camera and Internet connectivity. 

  • Capturing attention
  • Allowing delivery of real-time information
  • Establishment of formidable loyalty among consumers
  • Increase reach on the live streaming platform

What you need to know about ABN Live

Our streaming platform gives recognition to a customer in the process of buying a car at your dealership. Our streaming eliminates competition by the interference of other brands’ advertisements. We have an updated digital signage system that integrates DMS and animated side banners. Here are a few other benefits of the system.

  • You can display the content in a vertical orientation
  • It is possible to switch to live TV without losing the advertisement aspect
  • You can integrate several marketing ads in the display, such as special discounts


Abn Live
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