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Digital Display Board

Digital Display Board

ABN provides digital display boards for auto dealerships. We would like to tell you why our clients love our digital display products and why we think that you will love them too. For premium quality, customization, and integration, nobody does it better than ABN. Contact us today to learn more about all of our digital signage options for the auto industry.

What are the Benefits of Digital Display Boards?

First, the high-impact look of the digital displays will add to your shop's professional image. Second, it will make aware and motivate your customers about needed services that they otherwise might never think about. This will increase your ARO, and in many instances, you can actually direct your customers to your digital display boards to educate them on jobs that you are performing on their car at that time right inside of the service bay.

Next, your digital menu board will empower your customers' car care decisions, and that increases CSI. This is extremely important in today's review-bent world! Finally, the benefits delivered by the digital display boards that we create at ABN all add up to improved customer loyalty that shows up right on your bottom line. Now, if you are thinking something to the effect of, "This seems too good to be true," don't worry. It's not! Digital displays really make that much of a difference for auto dealerships and mechanic repair shops.

Try ABN's Digital Menu Boards

See if a digital menu board from ABN can do for your business what it has already done for so many other businesses just like yours. All you have to do is look up some reviews online and see how well our digital display products have worked for our clients. Feel free to browse our website to see our products and to get a sense of what they might look like in your shop.

What you can expect is a common sense, intuitive interface that is easy to read. Your own menu designs can be added, or you can choose from any of our pre-existing templates, simply adding your own content and brand for personalization. Designs are clean and not cramped or jam-packed. Yet, there is plenty of space on the board at all times for you to "stuff" as much information as you can.

Additionally, digital display boards from ABN are capable of showing text, images, and videos, and audio can be played to get your customers' attention and communicate your discounts and promos. Feel free to ask us about our case studies showing just how much digital display menus can increase your sales. They add an appearance of professionalism and help to establish trust.

Contact ABN

Digital menus can notify your customers of the discounts and promotions that you are offering or even notify them about vehicle maintenance that they may not even be thinking about. Contact ABN today to learn more. We are here to make the buying process easy.


Digital Display Board
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Digital Display Board Digital Display Board
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