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Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards

Could your dealership benefit from a digital menu board or multiple digital menus? Digital promotes engagement and fosters trust with your customers. While it is a small investment up-front to own a digital menu, it is an investment that can save you money over the long-run and make your life a lot easier now. Digital menus can reduce costs now and later, and they are environmentally-friendly.

With digital menus in your business, you will bypass the need for re-printing, shipping, posting, and disposing of traditional signboards each time a menu item comes or goes. True, there is a bit of a higher up-front cost with digital menus, but the cost-savings that your business will experience over the years will make the investment more than worthwhile! Almost 90% of all businesses that switch to digital menus recoup their investment within the first two years.

Benefits of Car Dealerships Using Digital Menus

One of the benefits of digital service menus is having the ability to add unlimited content to your service menu. This means that you should be able to add as many menus as you want. For instance, you may have a quick lane service or a quick service area in your dealership, offering basic services such as oil changes and tire rotation. You may have many different choices on your menu, as well as some sales messages.

You may also have an old-age car menu or scheduled maintenance menu that you will want to add to the system, as well. Another menu to add may be for additives or some premium services - maybe even your detail menu. These are just a few examples of some of the menus that you will need to make your digital menu board the best that it can be.

Another feature of a digital services menu that is important is video coupons. Playing a video on your screen doesn't do any good if you can't sell from that video. Often, the videos found in service menus are muted. How do you relay that information without someone having to see or hear everything on the video? While having a video play that shows information, such as a sale or "Ask a service advisor," you can sell the product or service visually and audibly.

Still Have Questions?

Contact ABN, the digital engagement platform. QSRs aren't the only ones who stand to benefit from digital menu boards! Car dealerships and other businesses can benefit from digital as well. Contact ABN today and choose between sales appointment boards, parts and accessories digital signage, dealer TV, service menu boards, video walls, showroom digital signage, and F & I digital signage.

Digital Menu Boards
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Digital Menu Boards Digital Menu Boards
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