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Flatbed Trailers Lethbridge

Flatbed Trailers Lethbridge

Depending on the purpose of use, trailers are one of the products that must be carefully sorted before purchase so that their functions can easily complement the work needed for its usage.

Seeking the involvement and professional expertise of a trailer dealer near Calgary is taking a step in the right direction, as Vantage Trailers and Sales are your number one go-to for your every need as regards trailer sales.

What We Do

Immersed in the continual provision of quality sales of trailers and services to individuals and families across Lethbridge and Lacombe, we continue to be the last resort for heavy-duty trailers, from new to pre-owned or used flatbed trailers.

We recognize the importance of management on these trailers, therefore we offer a wide range of services that helps to ensure their durability, so customers can, asides from purchasing, enjoy these types of equipment

Our inventory

While we are in the business of putting flatbed trailers up for sale, we have other types of trailers built to diverse customisation to fit into our customers' recommendations. Here is a list of some of the other trailers we sell.

Livestock Trailers 

These trailers help to transport animals in their masses from one place to another, the interior is specially built to house these animals comfortably.

Horse Trailers

These are built with the specifications of horses in mind, their height is measured to cater for the tallest of horses with enough space to haul more than one horse.

Dump Trailers

 They have open areas for easy loading and unloading of items like sands, gravel, stones and other building materials.

Our services

Here is a list of services we render to customers even after purchase, and they include:


This has to do with proper examination and inspection of the trailer parts to ensure safety, reliability, and fitness to withstand long-distance movements.

Tank Flush Service

As continuous use of these trailers occur, dirt and particles may accumulate along the water lines, so to keep this from happening, tank flush services are required to keep the system operating as it should be, this procedure is usually carried out once every 12 month 

Brake and Bearing Servicing

One of the most important examinations that need to be conducted on a regular basis is the brakes and bearing system, to avoid unexpected occurrences while driving.

Other services

In a bid to achieve 100 percent satisfaction for our clients, we engage in other services that are not even included on our list, provided it relates to trailers.

Our team of capable managers are always excited to attend to any form of enquiry concerning the financing, consignment procedures, availability of new or used flatbed trailers, meet them here. At Vantage Trailers and Sales, our clients can be assured of the best trailer dealership across the nook and crannies of Alberta, Calgary.


Our 24/7 service is unmatched, with customer-oriented procedures that help to place the preference of our clients as a top priority, and as a result, we have made obtaining a quote free, clients who wish to buy flatbed trailers in Alberta can contact us today!

Flatbed Trailers Lethbridge
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Flatbed Trailers Lethbridge
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Flatbed Trailers Lethbridge Flatbed Trailers Lethbridge
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