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Trailer Hitches San Diego Ca

There is more than one method to pull a heavy load using a trailer. All ways are right unless you are using the wrong hitch class. The perfect hitch class will match the desired load size and weight. The hitch setup will also determine the most appropriate use of the hitch, such as in a truck, car, van, SUV or jeep.

There are five classes of trailer hitches in San Diego, CA. Choosing the right hitch requires that you understand what you need to tow. The details include the following parameters:

  • The tongue weight – The weight to carry
  • The draw weight – The intended weight as indicated on the trailer hitch

Trailer hitch classes

Class 1

These tools carry light loads. The approximate maximum load is 2000 pounds. Class 1 hitches are perfect for towing small and light trailers, mounted bikes, small boats, and other similar sizes. Rhino Hitch offers a selection of Class 1 hitches that have decent longevity. 

Class 2

The group has hitches that are stronger than steel. The average carrying weight is about 3500 pounds. The hitches have a tongue weight capacity of 350 pounds. Typical uses of class 2 trailer hitches include the following:

  • Towing boats
  • Towing camping RVs
  • Towing landscape trailers
  • Towing bike racks
  • Mounting cargo carriers 

Class 3

The hitches are applicable in passenger cars and full-sized trucks. They have extreme steadiness and can pull a weight capacity of between 3500 and 8000 pounds. The tongue capacity is between 350 and 800 pounds. These hitches are perfect for towing mid-size boats, landscape trailers, and bike racks. 

Class 4

The class is perfect for large-sized boats and recreational vehicles. The typical use of grade 4 hitches is in heavy-duty trucks, due to a towing capacity of approximately 10,000 pounds. Adding a weight distribution system increases the towing capacity to about 14,000 pounds. 

Class 5

The class has hitches that are primarily applicable to commercial projects. They have a towing capacity of about 18,000 to 20,000 pounds. The extra heavy-duty feature makes them convenient for use in large recreational vehicles like tour buses, heavy equipment trucks, and horse trailers. 

Choosing a class

Some shops do not stock all types of hitch trailers. You may choose the wrong one if the details do not include the level. This case is especially true because they tend to look and function in similar ways. Factors that differentiate the class are the gauge and thickness of the steel. 

Rhino Hitch is a revered seller of heavy-duty trailer hitches. The products have an admirable aesthetic and durable functionality. The aluminum build meshes well with most cars and retains its sturdiness for several decades after manufacture.  Rhino Hitch has versatile hitches with varying adjustability. 

Our hitches have a smooth operation and procedural instructions manual. Additionally, our team is fully available for concerns on the selection and installation process. We hope that you enjoy an easy time choosing the next best accessory for your truck or car. Talk to us today to begin your next adventure, move or haul with trailer hitches in San Diego, CA.


Trailer Hitches San Diego Ca
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Trailer Hitches San Diego Ca Trailer Hitches San Diego Ca
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