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Video Display Wall

Video Display Wall

If you are thinking of adding a video display wall to your business, contact ABN. We are a digital media company that wants to help you grow your business.

What Is A Video Display Wall?

A video display wall is a multi-monitor set-up that forms one large screen. Screens that are used in video display walls will have thin and narrow bezels, so there is little to no gap between the displays. A video display wall is designed and built for long term serviceability in mind. These types of screens contain hardware that is necessary to stack similar types of screens together.

The monitors on a video display wall will have the means to connect all of the monitors together in a daisy chain. A daisy chain is nothing more than a way to wire multiple devices together in a sequence or ring. A daisy chain can be used for power, digital data, or analog signals and combinations.

There are several reasons you may want a video wall instead of a single monitor because you can customize layouts and create unusual shapes. Video display walls are found in several places. Car Dealerships, Control Rooms, Stadiums, and any place where they attract attention or for practical uses such as an Airport.

Why Should I Invest in A Video Display Wall?

If you own a car dealership, we can help you increase your sales. We have Digital Signage Sales Managers that will evaluate your dealership and area before we meet. Our Digital Signage Sales Manager will find out what your goals are and what you want. They are creative and will ensure you receive the solution you need.

Digital showroom signage can convey several messages to potential buyers in a powerful way. Visual video walls are engaging and get noticed. Prospective car buyers visit just a little over one dealership before they decide to purchase a vehicle. Statistics show they have done approximately nine hours of online research before they walk through your door. If you don't sell them their automobile on their first visit, chances are they will buy from the next dealership down the road.

If you want potential customers to purchase a vehicle from you, it is essential to create a well-managed and seamless car buying experience for them. This starts online and carries through in the dealership. You want to keep customers engaged and comfortable knowing they are making the right decision purchasing from you.

What Can Showroom Digital Signage Do for My Dealership?

Digital signage will help maintain customer engagement through the course of purchasing a car. You can share your brand, testimonials, and community involvement and let them know why they should choose you. You want to upsell accessories, so let them visually see it displayed on the vehicle they are going to buy.

Your potential customers will be able to see your message throughout the dealership, and you can display upfront pricing, and showcase services available at the dealership after their purchase. The possibilities are endless. Contact ABN and let us help your dealership with engaging content for your showroom.

Video Display Wall

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Video Display Wall Video Display Wall
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