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New Informational Signage Available for You

One of the greatest benefits of digital signage is flexibility to deliver real-time, relevant information in the right place at the right time. At ABN, we have been showcasing that flexibility for years with our menu boards. We’re now able to offer additional informational signage features in the form of service appointment boards and a “We Want Your Vehicle” listing. These new product offerings are part of our continuing commitment to add value to our service, specifically in relation to core principles such as modernizing your facility, improving the overall customer experience, and giving you increased functionality from your existing display network.

The service appointment board option is now available in both a manual entry and CDK integrated configuration. This feature can be included in any digital signage playlist in the dealership. Besides the benefits of acknowledging incoming customers, the add-in sets a reasonable expectation for those customers who show up without an appointment.

If a service advisor has something tangible to show that customer, then it is easier to explain a wait that is longer than they might expect. Having a customer in that situation also presents a great opportunity to educate the customer about the benefits of scheduling appointments online. Letting them know how to avoid unexpected wait times turns a potentially negative customer situation into a positive one.

Displaying integrated service appointments is simple. With the manual entry solution, appointments can quickly and easily be uploaded through your existing ABN User Portal. As an authorized partner with CDK Global we are able to automatically pull your customers’ appointment information posting it live if CDK is your DMS provider. Integration of Reynolds & Reynolds, along with other DMS providers, are planned in the near future.

The “We Want Your Vehicle” listing is also a very exciting development. The feature is designed to query your CRM and find the vehicles that your customers are bringing in for service. It then automatically lists them specifically on the screen, enticing the customer to get their vehicle appraised. The “Wanted Vehicles” updates daily based on the vehicles that are scheduled to come in. This supports the dealership in two ways: First, well-maintained vehicles are desirable for inventory. If a customer does choose to sell their car, then you have a vehicle that requires less (if any) reconditioning and can quickly be turned around. Second, if they make the decision to take the appraised offer they will likely need a new vehicle providing an extremely warm lead for your sales team. This feature is currently integrated with CDK and, like the integrated appointment board, other DMS providers are coming soon.

For more information about these exciting new product offerings or to integrate these valuable tools into your existing ABN system, please contact us to schedule a presentation.

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