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Service After the Sale: Choose a Digital Signage Partner, Not a Provider

Lynn Mitchell is the director of marketing for the fast-growing SVG Motors and — as one would expect — incredibly busy. Among her many responsibilities is managing an in-house media department that produces graphic and video content for radio/TV broadcast, print, and web. Additionally, she and her team are actively engaged in building the brand in the community and promoting all SVG Motors initiatives.

This all takes time. When it came to in-store marketing, Lynn needed a digital signage partner who would be able to understand her business and effectively supplement her marketing goals and objectives to the customers who made their way into the dealership. She found that partner in ABN.

“With the number of dealerships in our group,” Mitchell said, “time constraints can limit the amount of content we can produce. With ABN as a partner, I know that no matter how busy the media team and I become, our in-dealership displays will never lack relevant or current content.”

Just as strategically deployed digital signage enables the right message to be delivered in the right place at the right time, confidence in ABN’s digital engagement platform enables Lynn and her team to focus their energy where it is most needed at any given moment. Whether that is working in the community with charitable organizations, coordinating special offers and sales, or marketing the value of SVG Motors’ vehicles and service, the team knows their efforts will be complemented with a cohesive experience when the customer acts on SVG’s marketing campaigns.

Working in multiple dealerships or other offsite locations, Mitchell loves the convenience of ABN’s web-based administration too. “No matter where we are, we know we can upload and edit content if we have an internet connection.” Reliability, of course, is also a huge plus, “ABN has provided us with 100% uptime!” she excitedly stated.

Great products lead to client happiness, but it is great service that truly drives client satisfaction. ABN provides every client with a product specialist who is responsible for understanding the client’s business and being a partner to assist with all aspects of the digital engagement platform. Lynn considers Andrew McGraw, her regional account manager, to be one of the most beneficial features of her partnership with ABN, stating he is always “helpful and attentive.”

“If we are short on time, he happily adds any custom content to our channels,” she said. “He is very diligent in checking in with us on a regular basis to offer any help we may need or let us know about any great new features available on ABN.”

The power of a partnership like this cannot be understated. If you are considering digital signage for your dealership, factor in the level of support you will receive from the company you choose because it will make or break the success of your initiative.

Lynn Mitchell summed it up best when she said, “It’s been my pleasure to partner with ABN to ensure we are providing our customers with important information, special offers, and entertainment while they are visiting our dealerships.” ABN is pleased to partner with SVG Motors to provide the necessary tools and resources to assist in truly engaging their customers.

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