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ABN Live!

Buying a car is the second-largest purchase most of your customers will ever make. That needs to be recognized and their car buying experience celebrated.

ABN Live! is a patented tool that uniquely celebrates the customer’s purchase and caps their buying experience with you in a distinctive, memorable way. This application-based technology enables all of your salespeople to get in on the action to build repeat and referral business.


  • Patented technology creates the ultimate car buying experience for your customers by congratulating them on their purchase on all selected screens and video walls in the dealership simultaneously
  • Automatically sends digital photos to your customers for social media sharing

Here’s how it works:

  1. The customer reaches the final phase of their car buying journey
  2. The salesperson takes a photo of the customer
  3. The photo is uploaded into the ABN Live! application
  4. A countdown with music begins on all ABN Live! enabled screens in the dealership
  5. The customer’s photo is prominently displayed to cheers from the entire dealership staff
  6. The customer receives a copy of their shining moment via text with easy social media sharing enabled
  7. The customer shares on social media becoming a brand advocate for your dealership and your salesperson to all their friends

Today’s consumer values experience over everything, including price. Give them a car buying experience at your dealership as they’ve never had before with ABN Live!

“One weekend day we sold over 65 cars. Every time we fired ABN Live! the entire showroom started cheering like we were at a sporting event. ABN created an environment like no other in the business. People were taking selfies when their pictures came on the screen. What an amazing tool to make our customers feel at home and comfortable when they come here.”

Glenn Lundy – General Sales Manager, Dan Cummins Chevrolet

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