digital signage


Seamless, Turnkey Installation

ABN handles every step of the process including network design, sourcing your automotive displays, installation, onsite and remote support and managing content on your dealership displays.

  • Our installation professionals can handle all electrical and cabling work for you
  • Overnight installations available at no additional charge to minimize business interruption

The Industry’s Largest Target Content Library

Effective automotive signage requires first-rate content that is professional, compelling and informative. ABN’s vast library keeps your customer engaged with lounge TV and captivating showroom signage.

  • Dealer specific content options directly target your customers in various areas of the dealership ensuring the right message is delivered in the right place at the right time
  • Build customer loyalty by sharing your story including community involvement, awards, staff recognition and more

Patented and Proprietary Technology

ABN pioneered the concept of car dealer signage and continues to shape and grow our extensive product portfolio. From signal distribution designed for maximum reliability to technology that features content from your showroom displays on social media, ABN delivers maximum impact.

  • ABN Live! creates the ultimate buying experience by congratulating customers on their purchase on all screens in the dealership and simplifying the social media sharing process
  • Maintain a digital photo gallery of your customers for in-store digital signage use

Automotive Digital Signage Expertise

Our team of highly skilled automotive and marketing professionals uniquely understand how dealerships work and how to reach customers while they are in your facility with their vehicle needs top of mind.

  • Targeted messaging generates cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • On-site account management partners with you to align your outside and in-store marketing strategies

World-Class Technical Support

ABN is committed to providing the finest material and the best content. In the event of a failure, we are equally committed to providing the highest levels of service in the industry.

  • Network design considers everything from clean power to remote supportability. Most issues are able to be resolved in one phone call
  • If onsite support is required, we can usually dispatch a technician from our nationwide network within 24 hours

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

The most unforgivable problem with dealership signage is a black screen. ABN guarantees your signage will be on and displaying 99.9% of the time you are open, or we will refund you a portion of your subscription fees.

  • Proactive monitoring and self-healing capabilities through proprietary software ensures your signage and content network is working, and selling, for you
  • Your facility continuously engages the customer and keeps them in the buying zone even if your staff member has to step away

Digital signage leader since 2007

Digital Signage Leader Since 2007

ABN’s concept existed before there was an internet to deliver content and the ability to easily hang a TV on a wall. As technology caught up to the vision, ABN has stayed on the cutting-edge of this revolutionary technology delivering an energized showroom experience to customers across the country.

  • ABN has successfully partnered with more than 1,000 dealerships across 50 states and has produced more than 50,000 automotive-specific digital signage spots to date
  • Established relationships with many OEMs and leading digital signage hardware and software providers enables ABN to deliver the most powerful digital signage and content network available to retail automotive dealers

The Automotive Broadcasting Network is your one-stop shop for car dealer digital signage featuring dealership displays for showroom signage, automotive digital menu board, lounge tv and lobby tv. The system sets the bar for automotive broadcasting creating a unified brand with showroom displays and impactful automotive displays. Whether you call it automotive signage, dealership signage or car dealer signage we provide what you are looking for. Advanced, web-based interfaces can control anything from an automotive menu board, to a video wall, to a waiting room TV. Whatever your instore marketing need may be, ABN is auto dealer TV defined.