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Creating content that compels potential car buyers to act is the primary function of your digital engagement platform. ABN believes so strongly in this we have assembled an accomplished team of 3D and motion graphics artists, editors and copywriters to provide full-scale digital production capabilities to our clients. OEM content is important, but to engage your customers you also need a customer engagement marketing strategy that works. We provide the right mix of content specific to your dealership to share your personality, tell your brand story and reinforce the customer’s decision to do business with you.

Car Dealer Customer Engagement Marketing Signage

ABN’s production team will:

  • Create high-quality custom content that tells your auto dealership story with subjects like accolades, testimonials, community involvement, and current offerings
  • Work within your branding guidelines to ensure a cohesive, seamless customer engagement marketing experience
  • Receive advertising materials you would like playing on your network and prepare them to display properly

Today’s automotive customer has exhaustively researched you online prior to coming to your dealership. Having a customer engagement marketing strategy for your dealership thats unified between their virtual and face-to-face interactions is a must to create a comfortable environment where you can gain and maintain their trust and business. A digital engagement platform is an invaluable tool that will augment this effort on your behalf.

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