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Maximize Salesperson Performance to Maximize Revenue

ABN Traffic can help dealers better understand visitor counts and enable you to make more informed, strategic decisions in relation to advertising spend, goal setting and forecasting. The next, and possibly even bigger, concern is: what happens to these customers while they are in your dealership? How do you manage your sales team to ensure […]

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Know and Understand Your Traffic

While inventory, or lack of it, has been the talking point amongst dealers and OEMs for the past few months, the long-standing conversation with dealers and the manufacturers for years has been around dealership traffic. Dealerships want more customer traffic and they spend time, effort, and money with internet follow up, BDCs, and technology vendors […]

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Not Knowing Your Customer Count is Costing You

If you do not have customers, you cannot sell cars. Seems pretty obvious, right? It really is that simple. What is complicated is how you get those customers. What efforts do you make to bring them in? How much do you spend? How do you know if it worked? How do you know if you […]

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Data Driven Decisions Don’t Disappoint

In today’s world there is no shortage of data. In our personal lives we track anything from the number of steps we take to the quality of sleep we get, and our likes on that social media post, of course. In business it seems like we track everything. Every tool we use is automated, every […]

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Dwell Time = Sell Time. How to Market To Customers Already Inside Your Dealership

Even in today’s automotive business climate with limited touchpoints and concierge service, there will come a point where your best customers find themselves in your lounge areas either waiting for their vehicle to be serviced or prior to going into finance. These lounge areas are often forgotten or neglected and treated as just a spot […]

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Service Relationships While Servicing Vehicles

Did you know that the average age of vehicles on the road in the U.S. is nearly 12 years? People retaining their vehicles for so long creates an obvious opportunity for increased revenue for dealerships in their service department. In fact, it is estimated Americans spend about $500 billion annually on automotive repairs and service, […]

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Successful Delivery Delivers Long Term

For most customers, there is an overwhelming sense of relief when they complete the purchase of a new car. The months of research, prepping of their trade, arranging financing and working out a deal are over. They are ready to get their keys, FINALLY get out of the dealership and see what their new toy […]

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Don’t Let Customer Downtime Be A Deterrent

The emotional rollercoaster of buying a car can be viewed as a wave with a series of highs and lows. There’s the excitement of being ready to buy, the tedious online research process, the thrilling moment when the model is chosen, more research checking rates, prices and picking a dealer, then nervousness on the drive […]

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Greet Your Customers With A Lasting First Impression

In this day and age of online sales and digital retailing, showrooms are still a vital piece of the car-buying journey. While it certainly feels like the conversations and perception around the industry do not support this argument… The data does. A Harris Poll survey conducted by Urban Science earlier this year revealed that 93% […]

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Connect With Your Customer In Person, Not Just Online

It is no secret the car-buying process has evolved from an in-person experience to an increasingly digital one over the past 15-20 years. This has been even further accelerated by the COVID related events of this year. Whereas until recently the online customer experience was mostly tied to research and narrowing down vehicle choices, the […]

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