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Maximize Salesperson Performance to Maximize Revenue

ABN Traffic can help dealers better understand visitor counts and enable you to make more informed, strategic decisions in relation to advertising spend, goal setting and forecasting. The next, and possibly even bigger, concern is: what happens to these customers while they are in your dealership?

How do you manage your sales team to ensure they are maximizing the value of every customer interaction? How do you evaluate a salesperson’s effectiveness, and how do you coach and train to get the most from every individual member of your staff?

Like most operations in today’s dealerships, effectiveness can be objectively measured by data. The problem faced by many dealership leaders, however, is convenient access to reliable data that is needed to provide for proper evaluation and personalized training for salespeople.

If you wanted to review the performance of the dealership or an individual salesperson on metrics like manager turnover, extended service plan penetration, new versus used sales, trades taken, or models sold, where would you go for that information?

That data is available in your CRM & DMS, but how quickly can you access it and is it intuitive? Would you even know how?

In many cases, reviewing performance based on specific metrics relies on the generation of multiple CRM & DMS reports, then time spent poring over spreadsheet data to arrive at the information you are looking for. Then, if you want to act on it, use it to train your team or an individual for example, you not only have to explain what you are wanting to improve, but also how you received the data.

Managing to these metrics is simplified by a full-dealership business intelligence tool ABN offers called ABN Inspire!.

The ABN Inspire! platform was developed to simplify access to the wealth of data that dealerships have available and present that data in an easily understandable format for performance measurement and review at all levels from dealership-wide, down to the individual salesperson.

ABN Inspire! replaces your current sales leaderboard and adds the business intelligence that is hard to come by in most dealerships. It brings that white board you have hiding in your meeting room or sales tower to life. Not only does it provide rankings in virtual real time, it provides data on each individual deal with just a click on the intuitive home leaderboard screen. This data is pulled directly from your DMS with no manual entry of information required on your part.

Simply counting sales does not necessarily measure your profitability, nor the effectiveness of your salesperson. Who is taking trades? Who is selling the widest variety of vehicles at the dealership? Who is adding gross by upselling extended service plans? You can get these answers quickly with ABN Inspire!.

Once you have the data, you can use it to effectively coach and motivate your sales team. For example, if you recognize that one of your salespeople sells one vehicle in the lineup the vast majority of the time, you can work with them on becoming comfortable demonstrating other models so they can close more deals. If you find a salesperson is performing below the dealership average on adding extended service plans, you can work with them on upselling and demonstrating the value of the plan to their buyers which will improve the dealership’s bottom line.

This barely scratches the surface of the impact of ABN Inspire! within a dealership. We will provide many more examples in the coming months.


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