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Service Relationships While Servicing Vehicles

Did you know that the average age of vehicles on the road in the U.S. is nearly 12 years? People retaining their vehicles for so long creates an obvious opportunity for increased revenue for dealerships in their service department. In fact, it is estimated Americans spend about $500 billion annually on automotive repairs and service, but most of this is going to independent service garages according to NADA. This equates to each dealership losing out on $15.9 million dollars per year in their service lane on average.

This is even more important when you consider that basically three of every four people who return to the dealership for service are likely to return to purchase their next vehicle. The revenue lost when you fail to provide an exceptional customer experience for every buyer at your dealership is exponential, especially since you worked hard to build that great customer experience when they were initially purchasing their car.

How can you provide an experience from first click on your website to delivery that will build loyalty and encourage repeat business? By making sure your customers know that you care about them and value their decision to do business with you.

We have already demonstrated how strategic, effective digital signage turns online shoppers into buyers and how an exceptional delivery experience turns buyers into brand advocates. Now we are going to talk about how a seamless transition to the service drive ensures they will keep coming back.

To do that, we first have to show what a negative experience looks like. A first-time service customer pulls into the drive unsure of what to do. Do they get out, do they stay with their vehicle? Once they eventually speak with a service advisor, is that customer being told they need a bunch of services without knowing exactly what they are or how much they cost? Does the service advisor even know who they are or anything about their vehicle?

Is this how it is for service customers at your dealership?

What if you provided this experience instead?

The customer pulls into the service lane and immediately sees their name in lights on a digital appointment board along with directional signage on what to do upon arrival. The service advisor is expecting them and is immediately able to speak to their vehicle, what they are there for, then make recommendations based on their mileage or have a conversation about what they are experiencing when driving their vehicle.

There is engaging educational signage and digital menu boards providing transparent pricing on services. The customer is equipped to feel comfortable making informed decisions versus being put on the spot.

Digital signage drives service revenue, but its impact on sales revenue cannot be ignored either.

Every time a customer returns to you for service is an opportunity to not only validate their decision to purchase their vehicle with you, but also encourage them to purchase their next vehicle from you as well. Not coincidentally, your educational signage in service should remind your customers about your appraisal services, the used vehicles you are looking to buy and great opportunities to trade in and trade up to promote cross-selling to those customers who you already have an established relationship.

General Manager Jason Anderson from Serpentini Chevrolet Orville states, “Using ABN’s technology has proven beneficial in engaging service customers and turning them back into potential sales customers.”

Digital signage creates a service experience that is consistently welcoming, cordial, transparent and informative. When provided on the heels of an equally comfortable buying experience loyalty, repeat business and even friendly referrals are natural byproducts.

Buying and servicing vehicles can be expensive and complicated. How much of the $16 million dollars you are losing in service revenue annually could you recoup by simply creating an environment where customers feel comfortable and appreciated every time they enter your facility?

Find out how a digital signage solution from Automotive Broadcasting Network makes it possible. Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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