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Successful Delivery Delivers Long Term

For most customers, there is an overwhelming sense of relief when they complete the purchase of a new car. The months of research, prepping of their trade, arranging financing and working out a deal are over. They are ready to get their keys, FINALLY get out of the dealership and see what their new toy looks like in their driveway.

What can get lost in the process is what a big deal it is to hand those keys over. As a dealer, you want this to be the beginning of the experience, not the end, so why not make the delivery process an exceptionally memorable one that will turn your customer from a buyer to a loyal, raving fan?

Imagine if instead of handing your customer a folder full of paperwork, telling them “thank you” and sending them out the door, you actually take the time to celebrate the huge purchase they just made.


ABN Live!, will do exactly that.

Here’s how it works.

Your salesperson snaps a picture of your customer with that huge “just got my new car” smile on their face, then uploads it into the ABN Live! app and puts in some information. Moments later, the showroom erupts in sound as a countdown starts playing on your designated digital signage screens, then, boom, your customer is up in lights on screens throughout your dealership being thanked for trusting you with their business as the rest of your team claps along with the broadcast.

Big difference, right?

If ABN Live! only did that you would create a customer experience unlike anything they have ever experienced before. But it gets so much better.

That picture you took. It gets texted to them along with some suggested captions for easy social media sharing. Who doesn’t want to tell all their friends they got a new car? So, they put that picture where they are glowing with excitement on their social channels with a caption singing the praises of your salesperson and dealership. There’s a pretty good chance one of their friends is in the market for a new car. Is anything better than a referral from an extremely satisfied and appreciated customer?

So that’s reach beyond your showroom, but it’s extremely powerful in your showroom as well. That moment of celebration where buzz and excitement are instantly injected in your showroom becomes contagious. Customers in the process want their moment to shine, your salespeople see their friend made a sale, now they need to get one too so they can keep up. ABN Live! creates a positive urgency that drives sales.

What about when it comes time to service that vehicle. Do you think they will come back to the dealership where the team went above and beyond to thank them for their business? What about the next time they are in market, or any time one of their friends or family members is? A simple add to your vehicle delivery process creates a very profitable ripple.

Find out more about ABN Live! by clicking here, or better yet, fill out our contact form and request a no-cost, no-obligation consultation from one our dealership marketing experts.

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