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ABN Inspire!

Inspire Performance

Your current sales leaderboard hides in your conference room or sales tower and only tells your sales team who was in the lead yesterday. ABN Inspire! is a sales performance management platform with on-screen, desktop and mobile application integrations so your leaderboard goes where your salespeople go.

ABN Inspire! is DMS integrated and provides near real-time data so you can comprehensively evaluate and train your team on metrics that matter like gross and extended service plan penetrations, not just units sold.

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ABN Digital Sales Leaderboard

Inspire Personal Accountability

ABN Inspire! provides all the data and key metrics your salespeople need to achieve next-level performance in areas that drive the dealership’s bottom line. No more poring over reports that take forever to generate from your DMS. The following information and more is literally a tap away:

  • Deal status at a glance
  • Salesperson 360 analysis
  • Historical data
  • Sales performance
  • Side-by-side individual and team comparisons
  • Graphical, comprehensive trend analytics
  • Sales forecasting

Streamline Communication

The ABN Inspire! application simplifies communication between your dealership sales team and management. Every ABN Inspire! user is listed in the in-app directory and messages can be sent to individuals or teams with ease. Send a group text announcing this weekend’s SPIFF, remind a salesperson a deal hasn’t closed yet or celebrate a milestone with an individual or team. The app automatically notifies managers of a special team member achievement like selling three cars in a day, then makes it easy to congratulate that team member for their success.

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Digital Sales leaderboard beyond units

  • Identify strengths and coachable opportunities
  • Analyze key metrics and trends with historical data
  • Access on-screen, desktop or your mobile device
  • Compare individual results against dealership averages

Reward top performers

  • Keep your sales team engaged
  • Integrated games simplify sales contests
  • Generate friendly competition within your sales team
  • Gamification elements incentivize multi-generational staff

Don’t just report. Inspire!

If you’re ready to take dealership efficiency, communication and performance to the next level, Schedule your complimentary consultation today and one of our dealership experts will follow up to schedule an ABN Inspire! demo.

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