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ABN Inspire!

ABN Digital Sales Leaderboard

ABN Inspire! is more than a sales leaderboard, it’s a sales performance management software to boost sales and create business goals. Your current digital sales leaderboard is time-consuming to update, stuck in a low-visibility location and only tells you who your sales leader was yesterday.

ABN Inspire! self-updates using data pulled directly from your DMS, available on your mobile device and provides real-time sales performance data so you know who your sales leader is right now.

The innovative performance management platform also features motivational tools like integrated traditional dealership incentive contests the pullboard and prize wheel as well as modern gamification aspects where your sales team “levels up” by earning badges for milestones like selling three cars in a day or leading in sales for the month.

Feature-rich auto dealership signage for sales, ABN Inspire! provides all the data key metrics you need to effectively lead your sales team and inspire next-level performance including:

  • Deal status at a glance
  • Salesperson 360 analysis
  • Historical data
  • Sales performance
  • Side-by-side individual and team comparisons
  • Graphical, comprehensive trend analytics
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales organizations

Digital Sales leaderboard beyond units

  • Identify strengths and coachable opportunities
  • Analyze key metrics and trends with historical data
  • Access on-screen, desktop or your mobile device
  • Compare individual results against dealership averages

Reward top performers

  • Keep your sales team engaged
  • Integrated games simplify sales contests
  • Generate friendly competition within your sales team
  • Gamification elements incentivize multi-generational staff

Don’t just report. Inspire! Schedule your complimentary consultation today and let ABN demonstrate how our digital sales leaderboard and sales forecasting software gets maximum performance and engagement from your sales team.

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