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ABN Solutions Overview

The best, most profitable dealerships are 100% in control of the customer experience and dealership environment. From overhead music and messaging solutions to scent marketing, ABN solutions empower dealerships to build lasting relationships, foster loyalty, and ultimately drive business goals. 

Engage dealership customers at every touchpoint, ensuring a memorable and profitable journey for both parties.

Overhead Music & Messaging

Overhead Music and Messaging has the power to influence shopper behavior and drive sales of key products and repair services. Set the tone for your customers’ visits and increase their buying potential and overall impression of your business. Our team of sound experts will work with you to curate playlists that fit the mood and atmosphere of your dealership. Choose from a variety of voice talent who can record custom messaging to help promote sales, provide direction to customers and staff, and enhance the perception of your business’s brand.

  • In a dealership where confidentiality is paramount, our solution also ensures a discreet environment, shielding sensitive conversations. 
  • Highlight your dealership’s unique selling points, such as awards from OEMs for outstanding performance and service, reinforcing the decision to choose your establishment. 
  • Showcase community involvement initiatives, emphasizing your dealership’s role as a vital local employer.
  • Inspire customers to take advantage of your latest offers before it’s too late.


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On-Hold Marketing

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Elevate your dealership’s customer experience and leave a lasting impression on your customers long before they visit your business with On-Hold Marketing. Our customized, branded messaging and music blend seamlessly to inform callers about your location’s hours, services, and unique dealership offerings, ensuring a pleasant experience. By reducing perceived wait times and promoting specific vehicles, services, and seasonal specials, we help increase sales and revenue. Take control of your dealership’s brand and engage with customers effectively using On-Hold Marketing.


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Wifi Marketing

Leveraging customer insight and data can drastically improve your shop or dealership’s marketing efforts. That’s where our WifI Marketing solution comes in, by effortlessly melding with your location’s existing network to collect relevant customer data and transform it into the backbone of various marketing campaigns.

Specifically target your customers when they connect to your internet with relevant promotions, such as enticing tire sales, and keep them loyal to your dealership. Wifi marketing elevates your waiting room experience, engages your customers, and boosts your sales.


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Empower your dealership to create a one-of-a-kind celebration for each customer’s purchase, enhancing their buying journey with a truly unforgettable touch. This Progressive Web Application technology enables all your salespeople to get in on the action to build repeat and referral business.


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ABN Inspire!

ABN Inspire isn’t just a leaderboard; it’s a game-changer. Integrated with your DMS, it’s a motivational coaching tool and a key part of succession planning. From new sales recruits to ambitious GSMs eyeing the GM role, ABN Inspire levels up skills and drives success.

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Dealer TV

Why invest in your dealership’s marketing only to allow other car dealers to advertise on your TV? There’s no one more inclined to do business with you than the individuals sitting in your waiting area, and you, as the dealer, should wield control over that message. Don’t let your valuable advertising space go to waste –  DTV empowers you to reclaim your dealership’s narrative, ensuring your message reaches the right audience, and helping you stand out in the competitive automotive market.


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Scent Marketing

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Our sense of smell is hardwired into our memories and emotions. Utilizing Scent Marketing allows dealerships and auto repair shops to enhance their customers’ on-premise experience. Not only does ambient scent help reduce perceived wait time and boost your business’s bottom line, but it also ensures that car buyers aren’t sent running by unsavory smells commonly associated with car repair. Buying a car is one of the most stressful things people do. Scent marketing will prove itself to be an integral part of the customer journey by providing a pleasant environment with a scent designed to calm the mind and reduce anxiety.


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